Work: Allison Esannason

Pathway: Systems & Society

The Systems & Society pathway challenges students to critically engage how fashion relates to contemporary issues facing society. In this pathway, students will explore a diverse range of systems design and critical thinking approaches in order to develop and actually construct new types of fashion systems and models that can make a positive impact on our world. In the Systems Pathway emphasis is placed on designing with a deep consideration for human beings in all aspects of the fashion system.

Systems & Society opens up new opportunities for students to engage as fashion designers across the entire value chain. The Pathways challenges students to see every aspect of the fashion system as an opportunity and necessity to engage through design. Systems & Society  asks students to investigate fashion design as part of a system of interrelated parts which may include but is not limited to: raw materials, sourcing, technology, labor, production practices and methods, design, garment development and making, media/communication, public distribution, wearers/users, business aspects of fashion, garment/product care, end of life of garment/product, waste management, recycling. Students explore interdisciplinary methods to address specific design challenges they identify and are encouraged to develop deep research methodologies, in order to produce diverse types of outcomes and communicate innovative, speculative proposals for what a fashion system could be, e.g., activist and advocacy organizations, digital apps, films, books, business and manufacturing models, workshops, collectives / co-ops, performances, installations, interdisciplinary collaborations, art, etc.




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