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Posted on October 7, 2020 | posted by: vespa522


This week we met with Maggie from Mouse! Maggie started out at Mouse as a contractor and is now working on the project of design league for about 5-6 years. Mouse has done a lot of work with Parsons, and has a great relationship with the University.

 What is Mouse? Mouse is an organization that designs computer science and STEM curriculum on its online learning platform, Mouse Create; trains K-12 educators; and engages students through the Design League program and events at the Mouse Creative Computing Lab. For many years, Mouse pioneered innovative school programs in support of its mission: to be a catalyst for the effective integration of technology in teaching and learning in urban public schools, empowering students and schools to succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy. Mouse’s two main programs were Mouse Squad, a student-driven technical support help desk program that addresses the technology needs of elementary, middle and high schools; and TechSource, a research and policy initiative that provides information and leadership around critical education and technology issues facing urban districts with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality and pervasiveness of effective technology usage in public schools. Together, these initiatives support 21st century learning communities for public school students and teachers.

Maggie described some of the  very recent projects of hers, the first one being  a velcro glove that could convert any part of it into a stylist. This would allow the user to utilize whatever feels most comfortable in order to draw and write. The second project was an app similar to Waze but instead for wheelchair users. The app would inform the user of an icy street, an obstacle in the way and the best and safest route to take. Lastly, Maggie told us about wrist devices in which you could write what you needed to say and hold up on your wrist, allowing for people with speaking disabilities to easily communicate. Projects at Mouse begin with an idea and they work on the problem solving skills, problem finding skills, and problem forming skills.


The impact of COVID has made Mouse adapt to the circumstances. They have begun  meeting online and doing a rapid process in order to rearrange during these confusing times. The emoticon festival was done fully online, and it was a great success. Moreover, some of the groups are focusing on app design, others on coding, and others created the “I’m bored, what should I do?” App, which ended up being a great success for the creators as college students were participating a lot.

In addition, Mouse collaborates with the Newschool. Mouse is able to help a lot of students who have less of a privileged background to gain some points towards Parsons, and universities in general, while also working on what they love and create a strong portfolio for college applications. 


Mouse will continue to innovate and adapt in order to provide teachings on digital technologies to people who normally don’t have access to it no matter what obstacle comes in their way.