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The Creative Group Visit!

Posted on November 19, 2020 | posted by: vespa522

This week we were visited by Ella Sample and Shirel Ozinci from the Creative Group. They are a recruiting agency that informed us on how to improve our resume and curriculum vitaes and our chances of employment after graduation. They handle job fillings for accounting and finance, administrative and office, technology and IT, creative and marketing, and legal positions. 

Their talk on resume design tailored to new hires in entry level positions. They recommend creating resumes tailored specifically to job positions and having multiple resumes. The graphic we included is from their slides, which showcases different resume types and their uses.

They also talked about common mistakes that students do, including not being open minded enough. They advised us that when we look for a job, we should not restrict ourselves to find a long term job that is specific to a certain field and instead open oneself up to different career paths. As designers we have the option of moving from graphic design to web design to even product design. They emphasized this as any experience that one gets is experience that can be added into one’s portfolio. They also encouraged us to be open to contract jobs as they allow one to explore different paths of creativity without being restricted and help boost the content of their portfolio. 

Along with this, they mentioned students should also network even during the pandemic. Shirel said that we can look into virtual networking spots such as “Happy Hour” and workplace events that the group holds. They recommended these as a chance to get to know hiring managers and recruiters to show one’s social skills and enhance their profile in the field.

In regards to their adjustment to Covid, because there was a lull in recruitment due to the pandemic, it was really disheartening to see the unemployment rise. Working from home has seen an increase not only in numbers, but has become unstigmatized. Ella says, “Before the virus, we did not recommend working when ever feeling sick, but with the pandemic, it has shifted to a more work at home environment”. The recruitment process during the pandemic has changed to a more collaborative style, where they handle recruitment nationally (not internationally) rather than locally.