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Visit to Thinkso

Posted on February 27, 2020 | posted by: kaval516


This week, The NYC Design Safari team met up with Brett Taylor, the senior partner of New York based design firm, Thinkso. This accomplished company creates innovative idea-based designs for a diverse range of industries and philanthropic causes.

After learning of Thinkso’s  resourceful beginnings, Taylor provided insight into the creative process which have framed their most successful projects. 

Life advice and wisdom was framed amongst personal vignettes of  both Traylor’s upbringing and client stories. His passionate demeanour and tales of endurance imbued the Design Safari team with a newfound motivation to push the creative boundaries in search of innovation.

We had the honor of viewing a rich body of client work which wonderfully illustrated that one can find ways to do interesting and meaningful work in any industry. 


FinTech client’s anniversary book designed by Thinkso, in which many visual artists and illustrators have collaborated.

First page of the 50th anniversary book of FinTech.


A page from the FinTech anniversary book.


Wall of company logos that designed and/or rebranded by Thinkso.


by Molly Alexander, Editor-in-Chief
& Lara Kavaklioglu, Digital Editor