Charlotte Rogers

Designer | Creative Technologist
Charlotte Rogers is a designer and creative technologist that works to create accessible, functional, and pleasant experiences with and for others. She is passionate about design as a human-centered practice that is always evolving and works hard to help herself and others facilitate positive change.
Thesis Faculty
Ever BusseyAndrew ZornozaKellee Massey

A Mindful Web: Learning About Trauma-Informed Web Design

A Mindful Web supports web designers through the trauma-informed design process. It provides resources to reference in consideration of an audience that has experienced certain forms of trauma.

landing page of A Mindful Web project

This is a website designed and built to house a series of videos with examples of trauma-informed web features, a basic explanation of the framework, and a list of external resources for further reading or to see other designers’ related open-source code. I hope in the future to expand on what I have started here to include more focused resources helpful to those who have experienced different types of trauma and hold different intersectional identities because all of this will affect the way designers should approach their work.

View the project online HERE.

View it on GitHub HERE.