Zeen Li

Interdisciplinary Artist · Immersive Experience Designer
Zeen Li, a graduate student in Design and Technology program at Parsons, graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in China with a bachelor's degree in industrial and interaction design. He specializes in integrating VR and AR technology into design to create immersive digital environments and enhance user experience. His thesis project, a virtual exhibition, showcases his innovative capabilities and foresight in the fields of digital art and interaction design.
Thesis Faculty
Kyle LiJessica Marshall

Fantastic Journey


This is an immersive exhibition based on VR. Meanwhile, the exhibition hall consists of four exhibition areas. Moreover, each area exhibits different types of works. Within this, I will exhibit my representative works, such as Meta Dancer, 404 Objects, Food Machine, etc.

Regarding experience, audiences can immerse themselves in the exhibition by wearing the Meta Quest 3, but it is not so much watching the exhibition as experiencing a fantastic journey.

Exhibition Area A–Meta Dancer

Meta Dancer showcase their beautiful dance, and it is breaking the boundaries between virtual and reality, as well as the barriers of space and time.

“Walk Into”Experience

One of my core ideas in this project is to “walk into” the work and experience the “life and soul” of the work in an immersive way.

Exhibition Area D–404 Objects

“404 Objects” is my undergraduate graduation design, and now I have fully upgraded this work digitally, which makes it have a second life.

Visual renderings of the exhibition