Sichun Zhang

Multimedia Artist • Designer
Sichun Zhang, a new media artist, transcends the boundaries between technology and art to craft surreal and immersive experiences, challenging perceptions of the world.

With critical acclaim at events like the XR Super Festival and Supernova Digital Animation Festival, Sichun's innovative efforts earned her a Red Dot Design Award shortlist and an interview feature in the magazine.

By adopting an abstract psychedelic colorist artistic expression of digital and physical interactive installations, her art transcends the confines of technology and speaks to the soul, delving deep into self-discovery, all the while embracing the intricate interplay between humanity and the world, as well as the world's connection to her very being.

Echo - Interactive Installation


“Echo” is an immersive installation that delves into the power imbalances of the big-data era by exposing how social media and AI can distort reality. Through a multisensory experience, “Echo” challenges visitors as digital citizens in an evolving landscape to discern the authenticity of fragmented and overwhelming digital data, prompting a deeper consideration of how such narratives shape public consciousness and distort our perceptions of reality.

This collaborative project includes me as the Visual Designer, Binna Lee as the Creative Director, Roy Yang as the Creative Technician, and Jay Torin as the Sound Designer. Together, we aim to highlight the transformative potential of artistic expression to challenge prevailing narratives and reevaluate the impact of our digital engagements.

This installation uses visual and audio-reactive technologies to create an interactive, projection-mapped hollow cube sculpture with threads. The cube is filled with fragments of cascading lights that dynamically respond to audience voices and soundscapes, symbolizing the echo chambers of digital media.