Yao (Piper) Wu

I'm Piper, a designer worldwide with a distinctive visual style and a strong background in 3D technology.
I am fully committed to the field of games and user experience. I love brainstorming, collaborating, and putting ideas into practice.
Thesis Faculty
Barbara MorrisJohn SharpIsaac Hoff

A Storm

A Storm

Immersive Video Game

“A Storm” is an immersive video game that tells a narrative-driven story. The game takes the player on a journey through the protagonist’s vivid memories, which are a mix of her childhood and teenage experiences. Through key moments in the protagonist’s life, players can discover more about themselves

The game is inspired by the creator’s personal experience, and it uses exaggerated imagery to tell a dream-like story. The aim is to start a dialogue about mental health and society. The combination of storytelling and immersive design on a narrative-driven game platform creates a unique and emotionally resonant gaming experience for players.

A Storm Game Demo Trailer

Play Demo Here:https://piperwu1997.itch.io/a-storm

Environment Design (Forest)
Environment Design (Room)