Yiqi Li

Multimedia Artist | Game Designer
I’m a multimedia artist, game and interaction designer. As a multimedia artist, I am passionate about exploring the intricate relationship between humans, nature, and society. I am always inspired by the infinite possibilities that art presents for expressing and exploring abstract concepts.
Thesis Faculty
Melanie CreanErnesto KlarAlexander KingAyodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeGloria DuanSamuel Leigh

In Pursuit

A 3D animated short film to explore how a robot could understand human emotions.

  • 2024
  • Installation & Animation
  • 2 min 45 sec
In Pursuit_Animation By Yiqi Li, 2024 (without interactive part)

This 3D animation delves into the complex relationship between AI and human emotions through the story of a robot. 

As it moves through various settings like amusement parks, graveyards, and hospitals, the robot is captivated by the different states of a drop of water, symbolizing its struggle to comprehend emotions. Ultimately, the robot’s pursuit leads to a deep, yet unfathomable understanding of emotions, culminating in a symbolic step into the ocean.

At each setting, users interact with a brief animation, followed by a facial tracking phase that prompts them to emulate the corresponding facial expression in the animation. Progression to subsequent scenes is contingent upon users’ facial expression.


Storyboard and Scene Building

Character Design and 3D Symbols

Installation Demo