Yiting Wang

Experience Designer | Product Designer
Yiting is an interdisciplinary designer with background in product and manufacturing design. Her approach is driven by a deep curiosity for the world and a desire to understand user needs from multiple perspectives. This translates into accessible design solutions that leverage technology to create engaging and interactive experiences, both in the physical and digital realm.

Yiting's background fosters strong empathy for users, allowing her to ideate creatively while effectively communicating and collaborating with diverse teams. She is passionate about pushing the boundaries of design by harnessing technology to create meaningful connections between users and products.
Thesis Faculty
Nancy ValladaresBarbara MorrisFran Hoepfner

Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch

“An interactive installation unlocks personal stories through touch. Various textures trigger audio narratives, revealing hidden memories”

“Keep in Touch” is an interactive installation exploring the power of touch and sound to evoke memories and emotions associated with human connection.

In the whole experience, touch serves as an invisible language, and the interplay between sound and touch amplifies the audience’s emotions and feelings, creating an immersive multi-sensory experience.

Our world is dominated by sight, overwhelmed by daily visual information. But what if there were another way to experience and understand our surroundings beyond vision?

By focusing on touch and hearing, augmented by sound as a narrative tool, “Keep in Touch” delves beyond sight-based communication. Users engage with diverse textures, each uniquely designed to embody a meaningful memory. This design invites exploration, allowing users to experience the tactile stories embedded within simply by touching and listening. During their interaction, users’ personal feelings, emotions, and memories will be entangled with the accompanying audio stories. Each texture holds multiple distinct personal stories, creating a deeply unique and non-universal experience.


I did several rounds blindfold test with various materials to explores the potential of touch as a powerful communication tool, revealing how textures can bridge the gap between the physical and emotional.

The various shapes and physical computing prototypes were iteratively designed to align with users’ natural responses to different textures. I wanted to create a more intuitive and engaging experience journey.

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Special thanks to Nancy Valladares, Ernesto Klar, Tuerhong Guliniali, Seri Kwag and all my friends. I greatly appreciate your support and assistance to this project :)