Cassy Kanuck

Multidisciplinary Artist • Designer
Cassy Kanuck is an artist, designer, filmmaker, and animator from Austin, Texas. She enjoys breaking the bounds of what it means to be traditional through exploration of varying media to create experimental projects that strive to connect pathways that haven't been related before. She is deeply inspired by natural patterns, geometry, and spiritual themes which are evident in her work.
Thesis Faculty
Ayodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeMelanie CreanErnesto KlarGloria Duan


"PERCEPTION" setup up when in physical space

“PERCEPTION” is an ongoing collection of experimental time-based media pieces that is inspired by certain elements that comprise the human experience. By taking my personal experience as a human, and doing further research into how others perceive the world, I hope to inspire others to open their mind to the idea that there are other ways to look at the world around us. Some pieces in the collection feature human figures that present more straightforward narratives, while others are more visually abstract and represent the parts of life that are always there, even though we cannot see them.

How “PERCEPTION” is displayed in the 3D space

When presented in physical space, “PERCEPTION” is displayed using two projectors that cast different videos from the collection simultaneously to create new images, while maintaining some of the original video. The videos are being projected onto fabric surfaces, used to create texture when bringing these videos to life. Both of the video sources are playing the videos randomly so that every person who views the work will get a unique experience every time, allowing them to have a different understanding of the work depending on what they end up seeing. I feel this reflects the randomness, and uniqueness of each person’s human experience.


“PERCEPTION” features videos created using digital cameras, edited with post-production effects, alongside 16mm analog film, which were filmed with the Bolex H16 camera. I had such an amazing time experimenting with these various filmmaking techniques to yield the wide variety of results that I have in the collection so far.

Still from “Maja,” a video portrait of Maya Rodic shot on 16mm film
Still from “Circuits of Entropy,” shot on 16mm film
Still from “Liquids1,” an experiment with liquids
Still from “HOWISEETHEWORLD,” which showcases how I see the world
Still from “TexturesofTexas,” which highlights natural patterns captured in Central Texas

The future of “PERCEPTION”

I see this project extending beyond my time at Parsons, and plan to keep adding to it as I grow as an artist, filmmaker, and person. In the future, I hope to create a digital platform where I can host this collection of videos for more accessible viewing, but for now, feel free to check out my YouTube channel where I post my time-based projects, some of which are a part of this collection.