Joanna Ko

Illustrator • Animator • Storyteller
Joanna Ko is an animator, illustrator, character designer, and story teller
Thesis Faculty
Gloria DuanAyodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeErnesto KlarMelanie Crean

Primal Awakening

Primal Awakening

I am studying storytelling, illustration, and rendering 2D images in a 3D space, because I want to find out how one can tell a story with good pacing, dialogue, and characters, in order to accomplish my goal of creating an interactive 3D comic book.

My thesis is called Primal Awakening. It’s about a little dinosaur, who wakes up in modern day New York under mysterious circumstances. The dinosaur and the friends she makes along the way, learn the hard way that the brutality of survival has not gone away with modernity. I will be combining two different mediums: A comic and a 3D space.

Merging Mediums

The intent of this thesis was to merge two opposing mediums into one entire project, where they can work together in favor of accomplishing a larger goal: Telling a linear narrative. The 3D elements aren’t just there to be a decorative piece, but to add to the story and characters. While the 2D is there to visually express the themes and give life to the narrative. One cannot exist without the other

An early draft of Renata

Illustrative Progress

An early version of the cast
A final version of the cast
A work in progress of a page
The pages with all the QR code su

3D Methodology

Final Product

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