Regan Oh

Game Designer
Design Technology Major and in game design path. I like learning more about the system during the process of making the game and creating my own system after learning from it.
Thesis Faculty
Ayodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeGloria DuanMelanie CreanSamuel LeighErnesto Klar

Sleep Paralysis

Why Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is something that does not happen regularly. Leading this to people believe or not depending on their experiences. So by making my unique experience into a 3D First Person Point of View Horror game in Unity I plan to make people playing my game experience the similar environment of my dream.

The story of the game is a normal university student who had a tried day returning to dorm. Goes to bed then wake up in the same room yet different feelings with irritating sounds then running away from a creature. However when running away and opening doors no matter what you keep ending up running in circles not being able to escape the scene.

Unique Mechanics

In this creation of the game unique mechanics were used Portal system, Enemy UI that also uses the portal system and the new sound system created only for this portal system. The portal system was very important as We wanted to give our game an eerie and disorienting ambiance, For this we decided on a non-euclidian map for our “nightmare mode”. To create this effect we needed seamless portals.