Simon Schroeder

Game Developer • Digital Artist
Simon Schroeder is a game developer and digital artist who enjoys creating weird worlds with even weirder characters. In particular, he loves 3D modelling, giving his ideas form. Initially beginning as an illustrator, his time in Design and Technology made him fall in love with creating games. He seeks to create a particular magic in games: the synthesis of art, sound, writing, pacing, and design, to instill the player with a feeling of perfect plausibility for the world they're stepping into.
Thesis Faculty
Ernesto KlarMelanie CreanAyodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeGloria DuanSamuel Leigh

The Suzzzy Show


The Suzzzy Show is a rail-shooter where you play as a girl named Suzzzy, who pilots a mech to become the most famous person in the universe.

However, mech pilots are called “witches,” and their mechs cast spells rather than shoot guns.

Trying to get as many viewers as possible, you besiege a broadcasting corporation for their intergalactic prime-time slot.

Well… How?

Using the cursor, the player charges shots corresponding to the enemy’s color.

However, the cursor is also what you use to dodge: forcing the player in tight spots within enemy fire, while also trying to retaliate with their own shots.

Instead of a health bar, you wager the number of hits you think you’ll take: the riskier the boast, the more viewers you get.

Alright, let me see..!