John Kim

Independent game developer/Background artist
John Kim is an independent game developer and background artist. If he's not making games, there's a good chance he's probably playing games. John started off as a practitioner in 3D animation, looking to hone his skills to carve out a spot as a visual artist in the video game industry. Eventually he was able to make a start through independent game development, choosing to learn the necessary skills related to coding and various game making software. By applying his skills from the digital arts to gain knowledge of both sides of creating games, John now seeks to learn even more about making games so he can make more games.
Thesis Faculty
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Train Fight

Take the helm of a team of trains as you lead them through the fantasy sport of Train Fighting! But here’s the twist, you’re also responsible for building the tracks that the train move on! Can you outsmart, outmaneuver, and outfight your opponent and lay down the tracks to victory?

Train Fight

Welcome to the fantasy sport of Train Fighting!

Welcome to Train Fight! Partake in the fantasy sport of
Train Fighting, where the path to victory is literally built by
the players! The trains you build are yours to command, so
step up, call the shots, and drive the gold home!

So what is this game?

A 1 vs 1 card/board game focused on the fantasy sport of Train Fighting. The goal is twofold: first to build the board using Track Cards that will enable the trains to enter the field, and secondly to fight the opponent’s Train Cards using your Train Cards and win as many of these train fights as possible. Players use constructed decks to strategize how they will not just build the board but also maneuver their Train Cards around this ever-growing development.

Check out the rulebook here!

Along with the rulebook there are extra tutorial videos that explain certain parts of the game. You can find the first one here and the second one here.

If you’re interested in learning about how this project impacted my growth as an artist, I took some time to reflect on my journey with developing Train Fight here.

Finally, to top things off, here’s a quick look at some of the cards and the playmat!