Xiaoxu Han

Multimedia Artist · Designer
As an explorer, Xiaoxu Han's creative process is a never-ending journey of exploration. She embrace technology to break free from the constraints of traditional art styles and challenge herself to step out of her comfort zone.
Thesis Faculty
Melanie CreanErnesto KlarAyodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeGloria Duan


This is the Future. Your Future.

“CyberJin aims to support individuals in reviewing and assessing content to promote a more harmonious and improved world. “

The project is satirical as a tool to critique the contemporary censorship prevalent in our society, particularly within the realms of culture and media.

By employing a combination of product showcasing, including a Marketing Video, an AR Filter, and a kinetic wearable piece, it offers a multi-dimensional commentary on the restrictive nature of modern censorship. 

Jin Yi Wei also known as the Embroidered Uniform Guard, was the imperial secret police that served the emperors of the Ming dynasty in China. They once, for a period of time, had the duty of monitoring people’s actions, documenting the words and behaviors of those under surveillance, to be used as evidence in court. Mobile phones and surveillance cameras monitor and record people’s actions. They are the Jin Yi Wei in the modern world. Cyber Jin Yi Wei. Electronic police in the online world track internet information to “maintain internet security.” They decide what people should see and know.

Marketing Video (Motion Graphics)

I chose to create a satirical critique of contemporary censorship systems, a topic that has fascinated me deeply given the environment where I grew up. Censorship is pervasive, and there’s no escaping it. I’m using this Chinese historical figure as a symbol of the global issue, extending beyond China’s borders. Rather than offering a definitive judgment on whether censorship is inherently good or bad, my work aims to explore its dual nature, acknowledging that it has both positive and negative aspects.

AR Filter (Spark AR)

AR Filter
Business Card
Business Card

The AR filter serves to demonstrate the product’s effectiveness. When you use electronic devices like your phone or computer, the CyberJin software is embedded in them, ensuring CyberJin’s involvement throughout your usage. This provides a simulation of the product’s functionality.

Kinetic Wearable Headpiece

The Headpiece is modified with a helmet, a gear motor, a motor speed controller, and multiple gears, to imitate the
The Ming Dynasty black gauze cap used to be worn by Jin Yi Wei. The headpiece showcases the usage of CyberJin through a tangible, wearable model for audiences to engage with the product, solely for demonstration and reference purposes, without any practical application.