Junu Lee

Multimedia Artist • Creative Technologist
Junu is a Multimedia Artist and Creative Technologist whose work engages deeply with the dynamics of sound, movement, and visual art. Through immersive environments and interactive installations, they evoke a spectrum of emotional responses, encouraging viewers to navigate the complexities of human experience. Driven by a passion for exploring artistic freedom, he blends technology and emotion, inviting introspection and a deeper connection with the fluid nature of contemporary life.
Thesis Faculty
Ayodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeGloria DuanSamuel LeighAlexander KingMelanie CreanErnesto Klar

Dancing Dancheong

An Interactive Symphony of Light and Sound

Dancing Dancheong is an interactive kinetic sculpture that blends sound, movement, and visual art to mirror the energetic pulse of nightlife. This installation syncs with the rhythms of contemporary music, creating a dynamic interaction of lights and motions that respond to auditory cues. Designed to reflect the city’s vibrant energy, the sculpture offers a personal experience where each participant’s interaction uniquely shapes the visual display.

As viewers engage with Dancing Dancheong, they see a changing landscape of forms and colors that adjust in real-time to the sounds around them, making the experience immersive and direct. The installation invites people to explore their own connection to the artwork, encouraging them to think about how art and technology can merge to produce new forms of expression.

Dancing Dancheong is about fun and engagement, but it also challenges viewers to reconsider their interactions with interactive art. It demonstrates the versatility of kinetic sculptures in pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms and highlights the potential for individual expression through technology.