Marquise Williams

Animator • Filmmaker • Experience Artist
Marquise Williams is a multi-talented creative skilled in storytelling through every medium at which he tries his hand. His honesty, eye-catching art, and deep thinking about his subject matter bring eminent humanity to his work, and big emotions out of audiences. Whether it's through his anime or anything else he makes, Marquise hopes that he's given you an opportunity to feel your feelings more strongly and reflect on something you couldn't before.
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Do Cherries Grow in Space?

animated film by Marquise Williams

Shots from the film

About the Film

Do Cherries Grow in Space? is an animated short film that follows a depressed young man with nothing to his name as he explores why no one lets him have anything nice.

I spent a long time wanting things and not being able to get them due to others unwillingness to cooperate with me. I spent a long time thinking about why. I believe this is something a lot of people can relate to right now, so I wanted to give them something entertaining that might help them get closer to what they are after.

After graduating college, I thought I’d get a job and somehow work my way towards paying off my loans and starting a career. After years of no success in any endeavor that requires others to so much as simply affirm my position, I have made this film to express my immense displeasure and to explore the idea of being ignored and left out in a broad way that can apply to those who are unemployed, homeless, lonely, etc. After much thinking, drawing, and life experience, this film is founded on my conclusion that there is no such thing as “earning” or “deserving”. That stuff is made up by people to make you believe you owe them something before they can treat you decently. There are two kinds of people in this world, people who like you and people who don’t. Do not waste your time trying to win over someone who’s never going to be on your side no matter what you do. Instead take yourself somewhere people want you to be the person that you want to be.

You’re the most important person in the world, so get for yourself everything you know that you should have. Some people would rather you think you’re worth nothing. They’re ugly and one day they’ll see that they missed out by leaving you out in space.

The Bright Side

I felt I had been spending this entire part of my life reaching and chasing after the attention of others who could make a difference in my life, but to no avail. I was looking for someone else to give me something to do. Maybe once I got it, I wouldn’t have been satisfied with it anymore, but I thought it was worth trying. In working on this project though, I felt purposeful in a way that no one had offered me a chance to in a long time, maybe ever. I do enjoy my own work and I have the skills to make art that is worthwhile. I think for a long time I was just surrounded by people who would have told me otherwise, as well as some who actually did. In my mind I’m one of the most determined and well-equipped creative minds I know but evidently, I wasn’t worth a single cent or even a simple acknowledgement to the people whose opinions mattered to me. How could I have felt good about that? In my time in Design and Technology here at Parsons however, I had plenty of people who trusted me, appreciated and applauded seemingly everything I did. Eventually, one day I realized that I had a lot already. I am as good as I thought I was, maybe even better. I have things going for me that some people would kill for. All these people who think they’re too good for me are just jerks hung up on their own shortcomings and they can’t even take the time to recognize when they have something good right in front of them. I don’t need them anyways.

I’m me!
And this is Do Cherries Grow in Space?

I’ll be showing it anywhere I can for a while, and eventually will probably post it online in the future. Follow me for updates!
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Thesis Show Photo
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Night of the Screening