Designer and Creative Technologist who loves creating playful experiences.
Designer and Creative Technologist who loves creating playful experiences. With a keen interest in designing for social impact, game-design, and a background in technology, Nidhi brings in a blend of her skills into every project.

Mitra: Playful learning experience on menstrual health

An educational, scenario-based board game for adolescent girls to solve menstrual health problems and tackle the stigma surrounding menstruation prevalent in many communities.

closeup of Mitra board

Menstrual health is a crucial aspect of life for half the world’s population, yet it’s often neglected in educational systems across the globe. Mitra is a playful learning experience designed to bridge the gap between menstrual health education and destigmatization. It takes the approach of a scenario-based board game that facilitates educating adolescent girls about menstrual health and the stigma around menstruation.

Importance of Play

This project uses game-based learning to promote open dialogue, destigmatize menstrual health, and nurture problem-solving skills. Games hold immense value across age groups, offering joy and skill development through interaction. Mitra, inspired by real-life experiences, immerses players in diverse scenarios, fostering collaboration and solution-finding around menstrual health issues. Designed for 2-6 players, it’s adaptable for schools, community centers, or home settings, guided by adults to deepen understanding and reduce stigma in an enjoyable, educational environment.

Students Playing Mitra

About the Game

The name “Mitra” has two meanings. In Indian culture, it signifies friendship and companionship, while in Greek, it refers to the womb or uterus. My game involves players working together and coordinating to explore issues related to menstrual health and the stigmas around it.

The goal is to control stigma in the community while preparing for “Mitra”, the Menstruation and Women’s  Empowerment Event of the year.

Mitra board setup

Mitra’s game focuses on solving problems related to menstruation through scenarios. Players act as community members tackling these issues to manage stigma and prepare for the annual “Mitra” event. As leaders in their community, players must address the rising stigma surrounding menstrual health. If not, the “Mitra” event may not happen. With guidance from Ritu, players have a limited time to resolve challenges.

How to Play

Mitra – Gameplay Manual

For a simpler explanation, watch the video

Next Steps in Mitra

Mitra’s next steps involve a multi-faceted approach to enhance further and expand the project’s impact. Firstly, I plan to conduct further testing with the initial audience in India to refine the game based on feedback and ensure its cultural relevance. Additionally, Mitra aims to include young boys in testing sessions to promote inclusivity and open communication about menstrual health. I also plan to develop a facilitator’s guide to make the game self-sustaining and adaptable for different groups, while enhancing game mechanics to encourage cooperation and strategic thinking. Moreover, I intend to redesign the illustrations and the manual for improved visual appeal and accessibility. My vision is to create a comprehensive and impactful game that fosters open conversations and reduces the stigma surrounding menstrual health, ultimately aiming to develop it into a complete and independent educational tool.