Mariana Holtz

Illustrator • Animator • Designer
Mariana Holtz is an illustrator, animator, and designer with a passion for visual storytelling. Exploring both traditional and digital mediums, her portfolio spans from expressive sketches and children's books to AR art. Her work aims to convey narratives through the use of color, character, and whimsy, transporting viewers into immersive worlds filled with creativity.
Thesis Faculty
Ayodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeErnesto KlarMelanie CreanGloria Duan

Once Upon a Book

Once Upon a Book

Once upon a time, fairytale characters came alive.

What could possibly go wrong?

Once Upon a Book is a fairytale that comes to life as its characters leap from the pages, ultimately transforming the narrative from the physical book to an AR animated experience.

This project explores how immersive technologies, such as AR, can enhance more traditional forms of storytelling.