Interdisciplinary Artist, Creative Technologist, Design Researcher, Film Maker, Worldwide Traveler
She likes to draw creative inspiration from different life experiences and social observations. Her works often reflect various social phenomena or contradictions.

Scripted Cage_The Skyline Ownership & Captivity of Modern Urbanization

This artwork serves as a metaphorical window, challenging the public to consider whether urbanization has improved our lives or if it has transformed us into draft animals in a cage, gears in a factory, optimizing us for more intensive production lines at lower costs for greater profits, ultimately embedding us further into digital screens and altering our engagement with physical spaces.

Mixed Media Sculpture

Medium: Metal, Glass, Digital Components

My thesis, titled “Scripted Cage,” is a new media sculpture that embodies my research into the constraints of contemporary urbanization and the monopolization of skylines in mega-cityscapes.

In this context, New York City and Hong Kong serve as primary case studies, representing Western and Eastern examples of capitalist urban development. The research includes data collection and analysis from these cities to develop visual design modules. These modules are then used to create an innovative new media sculpture. For instance, each size of the cubes also represents the dataset of the average individual living space in NYC and Hong Kong from different areas and income classes.

The study also emphasizes the psychological and sensory impact of increased indoor time, diminishing window sizes, and the vanishing skyline.

These factors contribute to a domino effect that alters human cognitive and sensory perceptions, leading to individuals being virtually encapsulated within electronic screens, which serve as their primary windows. This scenario effectively shifts public focus away from physical spaces, failing to mitigate the negative impacts of urbanization.