Yifan Zheng

Game Designer / Programmer
Yifan Zheng designs and creates digital games as a game maker and storyteller. He has always been drawn to storytelling and immersive experiences, particularly those that depart from real-life constraints and indulge in fantasies. Through his games, Yifan brings to life compelling stories and experiences, providing an opportunity for the audience to live alternate lives due to the interactive nature of games. At present, all his works prioritize experience, and primarily works with Unity and Unreal Engine 5 to build games for the PC platform.
Thesis Faculty
Ayodamola Tanimowo OkunseindeGloria DuanErnesto KlarMelanie CreanSamuel Leigh


Subkronica is a first person sandbox exploration experience. It aims to evoke the childhood curiosity of exploring forbidden spaces. Player will uncover secrets and interesting interactions while navigating this brutalist city, a dead world, where literally every space is accessible.


Development Platform: Unreal Engine 5 & C++

Platform: PC