Nikita Shtarkman

Creative Technologist
I am a designer and technologist with a Computer Science background. I have worked at companies including OVFX, Material Bank, and Under Armour. I specialize in 3D technology, and am fascinated by the growing world of computer graphics.
Thesis Faculty
Jesse HardingFran HoepfnerJohn SharpIsaac Hoff

Survey of Self

Survey of Self

The web as a kaleidoscopic mirror.

Concept Statement:

Survey of Self is a website that investigates the capacity of the web as a mirror. It transforms quickly from a quiet satire of web convention, to a rapid physical destruction of the website itself. The aggressive replacement of keyboard and mouse with body tracking is a reframing of web interaction, and a nod towards the burgeoning future of virtual reality. The experience leaves the user staring in a lonely, dark mirrored virtual space, where the trappings of web design have been literally broken away. The user should walk away with a muddled feeling of insignificance and grandeur.

(And a quiet sense of unease.)

Concept Video:

“All these objects — how can I put it? They made me uncomfortable. I would have liked them to exist less forcefully, more dryly, more abstractly, with more reserve. […] And I myself — soft, weak, obscene, digesting, juggling with dismal thoughts — I, too, was superfluous” 

La Nausee (1938) J.P Sartre


Survey of Self is a playful response to monotony, and an attempt to poke fun at the kind of possibilities that the new internet can allow. It is a website that fails as a website. It is also a deeply antisocial website – removing any hint of outside influence. The hints of connectivity that remain are thin, and somewhat uncomfortable.

Interstitials taken from Oliver Laric’s: