Mengying Luo

Experience Designer
Mengying Luo is a multi-faceted digital designer with a focus on UI/UX, front-end programming, art direction and Gen-AI. Her diverse experience spans collaborations with tech startups, advertising agencies, and luxury fashion brands.

More than just creating visually appealing interfaces, Mengying is passionate about crafting meaningful digital experiences that resonate with users on a deeper level. Her design philosophy centers around humanizing technology, ensuring that it empowers people rather than becoming a cold, impersonal tool.
Thesis Faculty
Kyle LiJohn SharpJessica Marshall

The Alternative Seasons

A poetic system about seasons and climate change in collaborate with AI

The Alternative Seasons

Concept Statement

The Alternative Seasons is a system that generates images and poetry centering on current and speculative seasonal realities. The visual collages are mainly composed of photos that I took in different cities in each season. The poetry was created in collaboration with AI to revive my seasonal memories as well as speculate about how climate change might affect the substance of those memories in the future. The system aims to increase people’s awareness of both seasonal beauty and climate change, making them feel both wonder and a sense of responsibility.