Yuchang Lin

Multimedia Designer
She is a Multimedia Designer dedicated to capturing life's intricate moments through diverse mediums. She specializes in graphic design, interactive design, creative technology and animation. As an observer of the world, she likes to explore the small and warm moments in life through visual arts, telling stories from different dimensions.
Thesis Faculty
Kyle LiJessica MarshallJohn SharpIsaac Hoff

The Nook

The Nook is an immersive exploration of unconventional and associative thinking.

Mundane objects from my room become portals to different times and spaces, sharing with the viewer some of the associative connections that fascinate me.


The walls are overlaid with as many interactive videos of the room’s windows as I’ve been able to find.
The fragile eggs that follow the swivel chair on the old TV.
Visions of flushing in the trash can.
Unsolved chemical equations.
Drawings from friends in the fishbowl.
Eavesdrop on unintelligible phone calls.
Plants that must be in the room because of superstition.


Most of the furniture in the installation was transparent, for the exact shape of the object I couldn’t visualize it perfectly, and the way different pieces of furniture looked in my mind shifted as time passed.
In the transparent frame, its appearance is variable.

I always make choices based on the present environment, so I naturally rely on intuition and imagination that jumps ahead of systematic thinking to connect different things and environments together.
I believe that many of the seemingly “meaningless” things or connections I often feel are little gifts from the world.
The work draws on the Chinese metaphysical concept of Wai Ying and the Western idea of environmental cognition, and is intended to stimulate the viewer’s curiosity and encourage a deeper understanding of the complexity of personal perception.

Interactive window cube
Follow with face
Flushing trash can
Painting in a fishbowl
Eggs on TV spinning with the swivel chair
TV & windows cube