Julie Yizhe Hu

2D & 3D Author-Artist · Romantic Humanist
Julie Yizhe Hu is a 2D & 3D author-artist focused on storytelling, visual communication, and entertainment art. Julie’s works explore beauty, culture, science and spirituality. She is represented by Posts and Telecommunications Press in China. Based in Jersey City, she enjoys cooking, Lolita fashion, and taking walks in nature.

Underwater Shrine of Remembrance

The Underwater Shrine of Remembrance is a 3D immersive environment built in Unreal Engine 5, simulating a place of spiritual worship in the depths of a vibrant ocean. Taking inspiration from the disaster of the Old Summer Palace and Notre Dame, as well as current issues of climate change and oceanic pollution, this underwater shrine symbolizes a spiritual place of remembrance built upon the relics of an environmental disaster. It serves as a reminder for us to remember our culture with all its falls and glories, as well as seek spiritual and communal growth through past irreversible events.