Juwon Lee

designer • artist
Juwon is a designer, creative, and maker, currently based in NYC. She enjoys tackling projects that involve all things interaction—from
human-human, human-computer, to human-ai!

By combining her meticulous design skills with a strong passion for making, she aims to delve deeper into the intersection of design and technology, particularly through interactive media, physical installations, and data viz.
Thesis Faculty
Harpreet SareenLoretta WolozinDave Carroll



Memories is an abstract kinetic sculpture that embodies the malleability, multidimensionality, and mutability of human memories. The project explores the complex interplay of memory and perception and creates an intimate space that encourages viewers to engage closely, mirroring the personal nature of sharing memories.

The installation takes on the form of a modular, hollow cubic structure that conveys the ephemeral and reconstructive nature of memory through the use of semi-transparent materials, delicate constructions, and kinetic movement.

By overlaying my personal childhood photographs with generatively-expanded context of those memories on the sculpture’s surfaces, the project reflects on the variability and fluidity of personal histories and the influence of technology on the way we recall our past. 

Memories manifests as both a tangible interface and metaphor for our evolving narratives that illuminates the influence of time, situativity, and technological advancements on our identities. The methodology behind the project’s approach can be found here.

** The main inspiration for the structure came from Erik Aberg’s Ghostkube.

Shots from the thesis pop-up show on May 15th, 2024.