MJ Gomez-Saavedra

Computer Scientist and Creative Technologist
As a dynamic computer scientist and creative technologist, MJ Gomez-Saavedra specializes in developing Web 3.0 driven applications, immersive experiences, and interactive web platforms. Her work is defined by a fusion of technical expertise, innovative problem-solving, and collaborative success, resulting in captivating, user-centric projects. Passionate about the intersection of design and technology, MJ Gomez-Saavedra is deeply engaged with using cutting-edge technologies to transform ideas into reality.
Thesis Faculty
Harpreet SareenDave CarrollLoretta Wolozin

Anthea: Protecting Creative Integrity in Fashion Design

A blockchain-powered web app securing independent designers' IP and record-keeping.

Four phones on a blue background

“Anthea: Protecting Creative Integrity in Fashion Design” explores the development and significance of Anthea, a mobile web application aimed at protecting the intellectual property (IP) of independent designers. This thesis delves into the methodology behind creating Anthea and provides insights into the necessity for such an application in the design community. By leveraging blockchain technology, Anthea offers an innovative solution to address the pervasive issue of design plagiarism. Through an examination of industry practices and interviews, Anthea underscores the urgent need for robust legal frameworks and technological solutions to uphold the rights of independent designers within the fashion ecosystem. Ultimately, Anthea advocates for the empowerment of designers and the preservation of creativity in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced industry.