Lulu Alghofaili

Designer / Artist
Lulu Alghofaili is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and storyteller. She specializes in print and screen-based formats and works in digital and analog processes. Her practice is inspired by nature and focused on integrating Sustainability after it significantly influenced her life. Lulu's creative thinking is rooted in a combination of research for problem-solving and self-expression, where she finds new solutions to educate, inspire, and protect.
Thesis Faculty
Kyle LiJessica MarshallChao Hui TuEthan Silverman

A Closer Look

“A Closer Look” is an immersive experience composed of landscapes that aim to promote a reflection on the emotional connection between nature and humans. The piece, made of laser-cut fabric and motion graphics projections, translates memories and feelings the designer experienced in different natural settings into patterns inspired by my limbic system—the seat of emotion and memory in the brain. Each texture represents a natural element that evokes a specific feeling or memory.

Natural textures inspired by the limbic system each deliver a feeling.

The installation aims to invite viewers into a world where the depths of human emotion and the ethereal beauty of nature collide, providing a space for reflection and connection.