Fellows 2016

  • Wayscape is a narrative platform for web and mobile that aims to revolutionize participatory storytelling. It invites users to participate in a shared story world that is expressed through short fiction, webcomics, and an ongoing alternate reality game. For fantasy readers, creatives, and players of roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons.


    • Alan Holt

    • Dylan Shad

    • Nicole Selken

    • Patrick Mooney

    • William Ray
  • A mobile app for real-time monitoring and evaluation of municipal spending on infrastructure in developing countries. SMS Care won $20,000 from D-Prize to launch a pilot in Niger (Africa). D-Prize is a call to the world’s boldest entrepreneurs to design a new social enterprise and solve one of the distribution challenges. The D-Prize will also help find future funding and grow the company as the pilot was proven successful.

    • Founder
      Thomas Disley
  • Senses & Co is a subscription-based service that provides its members a unique way of exploring their intimacy and their sensuality. It aims to enhance the experience of purchasing erotic products and fill the gaps created by the existing market.

    • Founder
      Catherine Choronzey
  • Through research and consulting, Matter–Mind Studio shifts the way health products and treatments are made, used, and understood today. It is for people to learn about themselves and improve their well-being through small yet momentous experiences with the objects, spaces, and people around them.


    • Colleen Doyle

    • Lilian Tong

    • Doremy Diatta
  • In•site collaborative is a multidisciplinary design consultancy tackling issues around unequal urban development, through research, design strategies, and diverse partnerships, maneuvering between the policy realm and local stakeholders


    • Nada Elokdah

    • Larissa Begault

    • Julia Borowicz

    • Rania Dalloul

    • Nora Elmarzouky

    • Sara Minard
  • A platform that will enable freelancers to expand their client base and regular income by connecting them directly with potential clients based on location, skillset, rates and reviews. It focuses on communication which results in better work and higher client satisfaction.


    • Cecilia Steele

    • Jalen Vasquez
  • Designity is an exclusive online platform for design students and alumni with .edu email addresses to establish a meaningful collaboration between the academic and professional world. It enables anyone within our community to post an opportunity and it increases alumni engagement, encouraging them to hire students from within their own network.


    • Shahrouz Varshabi

    • Sheida Varshabi
  • Dartboard challenges you to enjoy your spending while it aims to keep your money on target. Dartboard builds from the positive experience of social networks to motivate healthy financial behaviors. Dartboard changes our relationship with money to one that is positive, simple, and open.


    • Gabor Tankovics

    • Namreta Kumar

    • Yuchen Zhang
  • Nano is a playful and adaptable system that is made with the modern family in mind and utilizes smartphones as an engine for a toy families build together. It is designed to foster the development of cognitive, social, emotional, and fine motor skills.


    • Shiwon Jang
  • A creative circuit kit that teaches the same logic, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills that are necessary for STEM careers in a playful, creative, and welcoming kit, focused especially on girls. It allows users to make the kinds of projects they want to be making plus technology.


    • Nicole Messier

    • Alex Tosti
  • A curated professional fine art experience across multiple retail channels. Our aim is to create an engaging, seamless, and affordable experience that empowers artists and allows greater access to quality artwork.

    • Founder
      Robyn Asquini