Fellows 2020

  • Capri is a financial education app and website designed to develop financial literacy skills and confident money mindsets in female and female-identifying high-school & college-age teens. It aims to empower girls with the tools and opportunities to build long-term, sustainable financial wellness.

    • Founder & CEO
      Nicole Hartwig
      Parsons BBA Strategic Design and Management ‘17
    • Co-founder
      Jody Adams
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead
      Brad Heikes
  • A project-based, item-driven sustainable design brand based on a new ‘co-development’ model that carefully re-evaluate every step of the traditional design process, from raw fibers to design constructions, co-developed with suppliers pioneering sustainable production techniques.

    • Founder
      Yijia Wang
      Parsons MA Design Studies ‘19
    • Co-Founder
      Zi Xuan
  • SingBird is a platform that allows us to listen together, wherever today takes us. Whether we run through the city, wait for the next train, or travel the world. With SingBird we can dance with our friends and idols anytime, anywhere. All we need is SingBird and a streaming service subscription.

    • Founder
      Elias Grau
      Parsons BFA Communication Design Candidate ’21
    • Co-Founder
      Emma Wernsdorfer
      Parsons BFA Integrated Design ‘19
  • Reut is a fine jewelry house that reimagines classic styles for the modern woman. Designed with a timeless approach and exceptional quality to be passed down for generations, each piece plays with the poetic duality of opposing elements — in color, material, and form.

    • Founder
      Reut Ringel
      Parsons BBA Strategic Design & Management ‘15
    • Co-founder and CFO
      Eleonora Piccinini Perugini
    • Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
      BFA in Photography at Parson School of Design