Blink Blink, ELab Fellow, Wins New York’s Next Top Makers

Blink Blink, ELab Fellow, Wins New York’s Next Top Makers

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The ELab is proud to announce that blink blink, ELab fellows, won the New York’s Next Top Makers. What this means is that blink blink are now incubated in the New York’s Next Top Makers Studio Incubation Program, a customized seven-month accelerator-like program for six Next Top Makers Fellows who will receive support to develop their product company through access to mentorship, expertise, tools, a prototyping budget and other resources as needed. Part of this offering is access to the Next Top Makers events and workshops which will further push our innovative fellows towards growth and success.

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What is blink blink?
blink blink is founded by two DT alumni Nicole Messier and Alexandra Tosti. It is an innovative product that provides Creative Circuit Kits, ideas, and space for girls, in order to build an inviting community for them to explore tech creatively. Although technology and engineering are the future, tech and engineering learning environments, cultures, and curricula are rarely designed with empathy for girls and young women — resulting in the steady decrease of women in tech and engineering majors and careers — which is solved by teaching girls about STEM through activities they love. blink blink Creative Circuit Kits provide the tools to engineer arts, crafts, and fashion projects embedded with lights, simple electronics, and circuits; our kits are designed with empathy for girls ages 8-18.

blink blink successfully raised money on Kickstarter and are selling their Creative Circuit Kits online and in a few boutique retail stores. Congratulations to blink blink, ELab is proud of them. Read more about this story on the links below.

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