Designing the We Workshops

IMG_13541Designing the We team gave the Centre for Social Innovation a taste of Parsons when they appropriated multiple white boards to diagram and design potential workshop curriculums. Along with suggestions from Centre for Social Innovation members passing by, the team brought forward their past experience in collaborative methods, design, pedagogy, incubation and skill-building to build-out new workshops that combine those capacities. In the picture above, Ron is explaining to April and Dagny his past facilitation of empathy workshops in New Orleans, and how those methods could inform cooperation in Designing the We’s ‘We Lab Process.’

As our Parsons incubation begins at the Centre for Social Innovation, we’ve found the community and capacity of the space to be much needed. April and Braden, being the leads on their Centre for Social Innovation partnership, have spent a few days each week enjoying the free coffee, oops, the resources and energy of the space and its community. They are already scouting out salad toppings, and couldn’t have felt more at home than after the 6 Degrees ‘City’ themed event. As Urban Ecologists, they were pleased to see that CSI is taking on these issues and are eager to get more involved. Looking forward, the Designing the We is interested in learning more about the amazing projects developing at Centre for Social Innovation and the people behind them.

You can find out more about DTW at and you should definitely email them at!