We are happy to announce the winners of the ELab 12 Month Incubation Fellowship program, starting on January 2017.

The criteria for selecting winners was:

We thank the judges, the audience and the mentors again for their efforts, and we hope you all have a wonderful fellowship, winners!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and keep track of the emerging creative entrepreneurial ventures of Parsons!

The WINNERS are:
1.Civic Fleet

Civic Fleet’s purpose is to make government services easier to navigate, universally accessible and effectively delivered. Civic Fleet provides a set of tools to help people navigate the social security and medicare/aid system.

2. Kosi

Kosi is a service supported by a digital platform that simplifies patient access to medical marijuana and builds personalized and meaningful connections between patients and caregivers.

3. Threadcycle

Threadcycle’s mission is to collect and recycle textile waste from garment manufacturers in order to reduce landfill use and energy waste and to preserve valuable raw materials. Threadcycle’s long-term goal is to develop a system for recycling large quantities of textile waste. Their offer in stage one is comprised by DIY Craft Kits & Workshops.

4. Walkntalk

Walkntalk is a mobile app that enables users to plan walking meetings based on the features that address aspects of scheduling, inviting people, and customizing the route based on the type of the meeting, the destination, and desired actions to be taken along the way.

5. Zer 

Zer is an augmented reality publication that aims to engage Generation Z with substantial news. They are creating bite-sized experiences that allow users to get a deeper look at important topics such as gender issues, climate change and global affairs. Their goal is to become the go-to destination for the younger generation to access news on augmented reality technology.