Catherine Gray


Course: Thesis

Class of: 2021

AdaptKids is a collection of adaptive clothing designed for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). The garment designs are informed by thorough research including interviews with occupational therapists (O.T.) and several parents of children with SPD. Within the SPD community, every child has a unique set of needs and symptoms ranging from sensory seeking to sensory avoiding, making it challenging to design pieces suitable for every child. As a result, the collection features clothing with magnetic closures for ease of dressing and removal, as well as durable, soft stretch fabrics. The compression vest offers sensory seeking children the calming sensation of a hug that is often prescribed by O.T.’s for short periods of the day. The dungarees are designed for children with sensitive digestion who avoid waistbands across their stomachs, a common issue mentioned by mothers within the SPD community. The short sleeve tee features fewer seams and a wide neckline to accommodate sensory avoiding children. AdaptKids aims to elevate the experience of clothing for children with SPD by making it easier and more enjoyable to get dressed for the day.

Catherine Gray is a creator/designer who wants to improve the lives of children through clothing. Throughout her practice, she prioritizes authenticity, understanding, empathy, and community, while maintaining a sense of fun and whimsicality in her work.