Mirabelle Kunz

Rosy Living : A guide to caring for your mind, body, & earth

Course: Thesis

Class of: 2021

Rosy Living: A guide to caring for your mind, body, & earth explores what forms self-care can take and how we can turn it into a holistic lifestyle that promotes health and happiness. Beyond taking care of our minds and bodies, this book explores the importance of taking care of our earth, because we are a part of it. As I like to say, this book is about self-care and earth-care.

Mirabelle Kunz is a multidisciplinary designer interested in the intersection of wellness, entrepreneurship, and design. Her work takes in a wide range of forms including graphic design and branding. She is inspired by nature and all the beauty that exists within it. She is driven by her desire to create something unique and inspiring that aligns with a deeper purpose.