Seoin Choe


Course: Thesis

Class of: 2021

THIS IS NOT A BODY (view full video here): Interpretation of The light of coincidence was the artist’s affection towards his wife – in Georgette’s natural body which is depicted in the painting shown with realistic expressions of belly fats and wrinkles of the body. I liked how the artist sexualized the so-called “ordinary” body. Inspired by Magritte’s depiction, I wanted to melt away standardized beauty in our society. Followed by Magritte’s notorious artwork, “This is not a pipe”, I wanted to convince audiences that the idea of beauty we have in our modern media is only existing in our perception under an illusion. From the main elements of the artpiece – Candles, shadow and woman’s body silhouette,I recreated the art piece with the new interpretation of mine.

Seoin Choe is a Fashion designer. She came from many backgrounds including Korea, America, and France.  Fashion is not just about the garment, but a genre of art where we can express our entire identity through embodiment of garments. Being a designer is the embodiment of who Seoin is as a person – someone who has come from many backgrounds and continues to explore in every sense by activating my personality in my design. The rebellious nature of American children taught Seoin to not be oppressed or to fit into a mold, and that even though there were still constraints, being who you are is the ultimate expression of artistry. Seoin’s time in Paris was focused on design thinking as artistry, her experience in Korea taught her the technical skills that bring her ideas to fruition through the clothing itself. It took New York to teach Seoin to expand, Paris to develop her ideology, Korea for the technical skill set, and now she is here to bring these skills together. Seoin integrated multidisciplinary aspects of art into fashion and became her own leader in her academic journey. Her educational background in Integrated design enabled her to use an unrestricted gamut of materials in fashion, in which she challenged Fashion as a genre of art.