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At Parsons, we are dedicated to ensuring that the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of your practice continue to grow, and are fully supported both inside and outside of the curriculum. Explore our experiences, reflections and discoveries in our ever-evolving journey here.

Lucia Cuba (Assistant Professor of Fashion Design, Parsons School of Design) discusses her belief in developing a curriculum that not only promotes awareness of social issues but inspires action.

Teaching from his own professional design studio, MFA Industrial Design and BFA Product Design faculty member Dan Michalik discovered that he could share with students new tools and resources from his own practice.

Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo (Associate Professor of Integrated Design; Dean, School of Design Strategies; and Director, DEED Research Labs) speaks about the need for a deep understanding of systems in order to imagine a better world.
John Bruce (Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management and Director of Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons) reveals the importance of curiosity and research in forging a long, iconoclastic career in art and design.
David Carroll (Associate Professor of Media Design, Parsons), reveals the vital role designers and technologists can play today in both elections and public health.
Kelly Walters (Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Parsons) discusses deconstructing the stereotypes and embedded coding in film, television, and music.

BA/BFA student Jasmin Gilliam interviews Rajlaxmi Jain, “Moola,” MPS Communication Design ’20

The transition to virtual learning was seamless for Francesca Sammaritano, assistant professor of fashion and director of the AAS Fashion Design program, and Soojin Kang, instructor at Parsons. During the fall semester, their Design and Specialized studio classes adopted CLO 3D, and the software has proved essential for both teaching and learning online.

Parsons’ intensive MPS Fashion Management program is designed to bring students in direct contact with industry experts and innovators.

When Timo Rissanen’s Specialized Studio 2 class shifted to online learning, he knew it would be a challenge. Not only were his students dispersed across the globe, but their access to resources was suddenly limited. Despite the change in learning platforms, the lessons his class would take away from the semester would provide them with a new vision and passion for their craft.

MPS Communication Design program director Brendan Griffiths turns remote learning into opportunities to design compelling experiences and classrooms with a wide array of participants. For their program’s graduation, Griffiths and his students created an immersive virtual celebration and became a closer-knit community in the process.

Evren Uzer (Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Parsons School of Design) speaks about the role of design in distributing benefits and burdens equally across society.
Lucille Tenazas, Henry Wolf Professor of Communication Design at Parsons, proposes that we all have an inner designer that can help us better understand design and one another.
Shana Agid (Associate Professor of Arts, Media, and Communication at Parsons) unpacks the role played by visual culture in cultural movements.
Radhika Subramaniam (Associate Professor of Visual Culture, Parsons), discusses how she interrogates voice via the space between humans and animals.

BA/BFA student Jasmin Gilliam interviews Thalia Rondon, “Playful Culture,” BFA Integrated Design.

First-year curriculum director Anette Millington discusses the new perspectives and skills the students gain and how they prepared this past spring’s “first years” to succeed in the period of remote learning. Students Izzy, Michelle, and Bruke explain how they found opportunity in a first year like no other.
Rama Chorpash (Associate Professor of Product Design at Parsons) discusses the power and importance of connecting and co-designing with the world and those who have not traditionally had a voice.

BA/BFA student Jasmin Gilliam interviews Kayla Van Der Byl, BFA Communication Design.

Daniel Sauter (Associate Professor of Data Visualization), explains the importance of data visualization in bringing critical information to audiences who need it most.
Keanan Duffty (Director of MPS Fashion Management and Associate Professor of Fashion, Parsons), is empowering fashion management students with the future-facing thinking needed to make maximum impact.
Grace Jun (Assistant Professor of Fashion, Parsons) asks how designers can translate their skills for diverse audiences and enhance agency for people of all abilities as well as aging populations.
Brian McGrath (Professor of Urban Design, Parsons), shares his belief that both architecture and design be regarded as human rights.
Shelley Fox (Donna Karan Professor of Fashion and Director, MFA Fashion Design and Society, Parsons) says fashion is not only a reflection of our collective experience but an important tool for building new and inclusive narratives in changing times.
Jonsara Ruth (Design Director and Co-founder, Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design) and Alison Mears (Director and Co-founder, Healthy Materials Lab) discuss the silent epidemic raging around us and ways the Healthy Materials Lab is innovating to democratize green living.


The Parsons community is rethinking the future of art and design education through what we do in real time. Discover new work emerging from the constraints and inspirations presented in today's dynamically changing world.

Sujon Ishaq, BFA Architectural Design, The Thai Wellness Centre

My main goal through this project was to create a space that would provide an opportunity for the locals of …

Ana Emilia Hernandez, MFA Industrial Design, Moon Modules

The aerospace industry is not only imminently sending people to the Moon and Mars, but also actively pursuing the expansion …

Mackenzie Drummond, BFA Integrated Design, Tending to Self

My thesis project, Tending to Self, attempts to alleviate stress by creating a space for users to take a break …

Valeria Mancera, BFA Fine Arts, On Longing and Painting

After leaving my country, Venezuela, I am confronted with the impossibility of return. My assembled drawing and paintings are the …

Nour Zein, MS Data Viz, Greening From the Rooftops

As the climate continues to warm, and extreme weather events are more frequent and stronger, New York City must adapt …

Tommy Yang, M.Arch, The Nuanced -Topia

The Nuanced Topia challenges reclamation and development by the introduction of a hybrid junction for the creation of a hyper-micro …

Eleni Mentis, BFA CD, Gentrification in New York City

Gentrification is when an influx of middle or high-income families move into an area typically dominated by those of low-income. …

Rajlaxmi Jain, MPS CD, Moola – Allowance Manager

Moola is an educational family banking tool designed for young people. It encourages families to learn together, so parents can …

Here and Now Fashion Festival

A collective reflection and virtual convening celebrating the future of School of Fashion at Parsons School of Design Class of 2020.

Carl Liyu Shen, MFA Industrial Design, INTERVAL

INTERVAL is a family of three objects that remove the cell phone from the center of the user’s life. They …

Xingwei Huang, MS Data Visualization, A Guilty Pleasure

A Guilty Pleasure aims to visualize how the monoculture cocoa industry is driving deforestation in the Ivory Coast. By drawing …

Kayla Van Der Byl, BFA Communication Design, Mapping Misogyny

Mapping Misogyny includes a book that examines the origins and effects of gender oppression in South Africa. It addresses abuse …

Jeremy Ripley, MFA Textiles, Morpho + Genesis

I have integrated my textiles into sculptural forms. Forms grow from my love of geometry. “Darkness” had sections of black …

Thalia Rondon Raffo, BFA Integrated Design, Playful Culture

Playful Culture is based on the premise that objects of play can inform and engage audiences with culture by facilitating …

Bernice Ho, BFA Illustration, For A Friend

“For a Friend” explores how the notion of self care is a highly individualized pursuit. These pieces highlight how there …

C.L.Ho.W Team / Collaboration of Faculty, Students, and Alumni

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been working on a powerful, collaborative initiative with Parsons Professor Andrea …

Of Viruses and Men: The Dangerous Pandemic in the Social Sciences

The Dangerous Pandemic in the Social Sciences Article by Koray Caliskan (Assoc. Dir. of MS Strategic Design & Management) and …

How To Sew Your Own Fabric Mask

Grace Jun (Asst. Prof. of Fashion and CEO of Open Style Lab) develops pattern and full video tutorial for DIY …

How Design Plays A Role In Responding To The Coronavirus Pandemic

by Dr. Manuel Hernandez (MS Strategic Design Management ‘19) in Healthcare Design Mag.

MPS Fashion Management – Retail Revolution Podcast

Listen to the all-new podcast created by MPS Fashion Management students and faculty about COVID-19 and potential opportunities to rethink …

2020 BFA Architecture Graduates Showcase Debuts Online

Parsons recent graduates Luis Urribarri and Jakub Klaban, BFA Architectural Design ’20, were selected to be featured in the NYCxDESIGN …

New School Alumni Tackle COVID-19 with Creativity, Humor, and Justice

Alumni across the globe are using their resources, platforms, and innovative thinking to help those in need — and inspire …

Birth of The Pandemic Archive

A collective of MFA Photography students and alumni created the Instagram-based platform called The Pandemic Archive, aiming to share art from …


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Thursday, September 10, 2020, 9:30AM to 11:00AM (EDT)

ONLINE | Zolberg-IRC Fellowship Presentation and Info Session

Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 11:00AM to 12:30PM (EDT)

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Why Parsons? Why Now?

Now more than ever, in the face of a global pandemic and renewed awareness of the urgent need to address racial inequities in our society, we affirm Parsons’ commitment to providing an education devoted to creating a healthier, more sustainable, and more just society through the power of art and design. Across our programs, we are offering our students an educational experience that is true to Parsons’ mission and values, and that supports your potential to respond to this current moment as creative problem solvers and critical thinkers. What is more, we are dedicated to ensuring that the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of your practice continue to grow, and are fully supported both inside and outside of the curriculum.