Parsons Open Style Lab

Accessibility Framework

Creating Design Accessibility Frameworks
An Online Workshop held on April 24, 2020 (FRI) 
There are several design method diagrams, design thinking models, and visual graphics that try to describe the process of design. In the field of accessibility, there is very little that is directly appliable to the complexities of all design practices and social science fields in Parsons and The New School that address aging or disability.
Funded by The Design for Aging Grant, the goal of this workshop will be to create an Accessibility Guideline/ Framework on principles and methodologies that are reflective of The New School.  Case studies on accessible design, disability, and aging examples were shared in collaboration with the faculty’s research and the award-winning nonprofit, Open Style Lab, Inc. The workshop final deliverable is a design guideline and discussion on how design can address accessibility when tackling a variety of projects.


Sign up and Participants Acknowledgment:

Rita Breidenbach, Hans Galutera, Maya Valladares, Karen Jackson, August Rust, Jennifer Whitty, Lexi O’Neill, Aparna Sud
Zinah Bazarbashi, Bohan Chen, Minzhe Jiang, Sheethal Shobowale, Emi Sato, Jungu Guo, George S. N. Neequaye, Juan Zamora, JS Shokrian, Liza Stark, Zhizhen Tan, Karen El Asmar, Alix Gerber, Haley Mittelstaedt, Maurits Montañez, Aviva Maya, Shulem, Sasha Ross Becker, Marley Lopez, Xena Wong, Ellen Fowles, Christina Mallon, Snow Xu, Francisca Ovalle, Pinar Guvenc, & Grace Jun.


Accessibility Framework PDF when designing for disability and aging can be downloaded here:


Recording of the Accessibility Workshop & Inclusive Design Framework can be found here: