Kimberley Jenneskens’ Fall/Winter Collection – “j u n g l e h o o d”

at New York Fashion Week February 10, 2016

Kimberley Jenneskens, a sophomore Fashion Design student at Parsons, will be showing her Fall/Winter 2016 collection “j u n g l e h o o d” at New York Fashion Week on February 10. The high-end sportswear line is inspired by the “distortion and elongation of shapes deriving from the Renaissance Revival of the mid-1800s,” a time during which fashion designers began emphasizing comfort, convenience, and mass accessibility. The collection combines the design framework of this time with the modern, minimalist streetwear aesthetic that Jenneskens maintains in her work. Each piece in the collection was designed with a focus on functionality, comfort, and versatility, and customers will have the option to have most of the pieces adjusted to fit their individual body types. “j u n g l e h o o d,” which derived its name from the concept of survival of the fittest and is “about going back to the basic necessities needed for human existence,” was made using natural, recycled materials and designed using zero-waste cutting methods. The collection will also feature a number of unisex pieces in order to “lay a focus on gender neutrality.”

For more information about “j u n g l e h o o d” or to reserve a seat at the show, please visit Kimberley’s website here.