Annabel Demarino

08/30, 08/31, 09/01

Class of: 2027

Medium: Digital Drawing (Adobe Photoshop)

Faculty: Kori Shavit

Prompt: Record every action you make over the period of three days, then create a two-dimensional time map, a work of art that is a visual translation that represents of this documentation of your actions.

Entering this new college environment in New York has not only introduced me to many new and interesting people, but it has also strengthened my connections with friends back home as we share our experiences and adjust to our new lives. I noticed this as I looked back on my notes from August 30th to September 1st, as many of the actions I documented were related to either hanging out with new people here at college or chatting online with old friends from high school. This pattern in my actions inspired me to make my project based on the interactions I’ve had with others in the 3 days I documented, categorized into feelings and types of interactions that are represented through different symbols.