Cecilia Yang

Honoring a Place --- Lower East Side

Class of: 2027

Medium: Set Stage

Faculty: Gyun Hur

Prompt: New York is composed of neighborhoods that have complex and rich histories of immigrants and their lives unfolding in places they have settled for generations. With your assigned group, you will select a neighborhood to do a site research, walk, and have a meal. Your group will collectively work together on a SET STAGE to honor the history of a neighborhood as well as your memory of that place.

The neighborhood we were assigned to is Lower East Side, a previous Jewish European Community. After the trip and a discussion, our group decided to dissect the core theme of “ honoring a place” into three parts: honoring Jewish culture, honoring people’s dedication to preserving their roots and honoring Jewish influence in NYC. We then executed the ideas through a multi-sided set stage in which we mimicked a Jewish synagogue, reconstructed the blue stained glass window (a restoration program done by Jewish people), and fabricated a Jewish restaurant.