Disha Bafna

Just Do It

Class of: 2025

Medium: Video

Faculty: Wendy Letven

Prompt: The prompt was to create a narrative video from a set of still images that represented one of these types of conflict: Person vs Self Person vs Person Persons vs Nature Person vs Society. We were asked to use all our own audio for sound design.

Just Do It depicts person vs self-conflict but at the same time has an aspect of person vs society attached to it. I believe personal insecurities are very often formed by social constructs, therefore, making my project a mix of both types of conflict. I have portrayed how physical appearance is given so much importance in our society that it makes it a very personal issue to display or look your best at all times whether or not you feel your best. I decided to very literally represent this by using the act of applying make-up. Through my photos I wanted to portray the time, energy and effort put into applying makeup only for it not even to be for yourself sometimes. The repetition of the images, change of colors, speed, and audio all are reflective of how being worried about your appearance is a never-ending process and exhausting eventually. Being subjected to this societal pressure then eventually turned to a battle with yourself as seen towards the end.