Prompt: Memory is an action or process of commemorating, recollecting, or remembering a person, object, or event. How do these actions and processes shape identity and our understanding of the world?

13. Color Theory

I remember a warm pink light, and a soft, cool light- luminous and filtering between my paper-thin blinds. Two bodies


12.Watch Your Step

I remember uneven footing the ground’s lush carpet of flowers rolling hills and gulls crying overhead. Follow the path cut your way through the thick grass. I met the black sand and the ocean lapping. black sand, gray sea, white skull.


11. Things in Threes

I remember three red cottages punctuating a sea of brutalist architecture, the grey of the buildings mimicking the sunless sky. One Two Three acting as lighthouses as I found my way home. The crash of the waves mingled with the air. A thick mist overwhelms me


10. The Winter Sun is Reminiscent of the Lights in a Hospital

I remember a dream. Stasis is a hospital bed. Stasis is a dream state.

Body: red

Self: cold

Bed: white


9. Guð, Hvað Mér Liður Illa

I remember my first time in another country, alone. 50 degrees fahrenheit, July, the cool mist surrounded me in a haze as I disembark. Cairns. Overcast, I remember the view


8. INTERLUDE- Matryoshka 2

I remember the heat of the subway. everything feels loud loud loud and the engine in my chest that keeps everything running smoothly starts to falter and run erratically at the speed of sound and the engine overheats and the heat runs into my veins and circulates throughout my body and takes the heat everywhere and it becomes hot hot hot and the nerves in my skin become sensitive to even the vibrations in the air and each sound twists my organs in a knot and oh i can’t breathe i can’t breathe i can’t breathe and the grip on my lungs becomes tighter and tighter i can’t even drag the smallest breathe into my lungs and everything becomes so so fast, faster than the speed of the molten lava running through my veins and faster than the speed of my heart. it is red i see red i see red and you say crescendo crescendo crescendo


6. C R E S C E N D O C R E S C E N D O C R E S C E N D O

You woke up and it was playing.


5. Excavation No. 2, King Tut’s Tomb

I remember burning skin and tears.

Diagnosis: second degree burn

Treatment: Ice

The pain kept me up late, I watched The Discovery Channel on my mother’s small television. They were excavating the pyramids.


4. Garden

I remember feeling close to the sea, wanting to live in the water of my grandmother’s chlorinated pool, putting my goggles on ever so tightly, when a capillary popped; a rose bloomed underneath my left eye.


3. Matryoshka

I remember the world being so loud, retreating inside myself time after time.


2. Rememory

I remember a strawberry quilt. Empty room. Running


1. Gut Feelings

I remember Fear.