Eujin Lee

Tea Party

Class of: 2025

Medium: Video

Faculty: Shari Diamond

Prompt: Students were instructed to create a one-minute video about a dream.

The main character is invited to a Tea Party. She sits down and is presented with many sweets. The first sweet she encounters is a cake, but the cake is not a normal one as blood rains down on it. Next, she imagines the action of eating but her teeth begin to fall out. Finally, she attempts to wake up but gets flooded with images of her fallen teeth, bloody cake, spiders, and a scary figure. She wakes up and is presented with the cake. But this time she shrugs and eats the cake anyway. This video is a metaphor for growing up, specifically becoming a woman. Each of the dream tropes and elements in the video represents a part of the process of growing up. The blood indicates the menstrual cycle, the teeth refer to when children lose their teeth, and the spiders indicate the development of sexuality. The figure with the Mannequin head represents the character’s future self, as it is unknown how she will exactly grow to be. Although growing up is scary, the main character overcomes this fear and accepts the inevitable process of growing up.