Eujin Lee


Class of: 2025

Medium: Accordion booklet

Faculty: Margie Neuhaus

Prompt: Create a visual drawn essay that is inspired by challenging an injustice or that raises awareness and persuades action to be taken. Consider the physical or metaphorical structures that frame life. How do they influence? Do they contain, constrain, support, …? You can choose the theme or focus. It could be Personal / Interpersonal, Cultural, Economic, Historical, Philosophical, Religious, Scientific, Political, Social, Mythological, etc. Include a site or location to create a context. What is visible and invisible in our surroundings? What is our relationship to place? How do we create and derive meaning from objects? Focusing on space and objects, examine cultural assumptions or what is considered historically true. One can include text. The final format will be an accordion book.

I made an accordion book about creatives being overworked in an industry. This idea stems from a concern that remains in the back of my mind. The middle scene (pages 6-8) depicts the subject running to get to where she needs to be. She gets caught by her charger and becomes unplugged. She crashes and then wakes up in a land ll surrounded by her own creations, becoming expendable just like them. Thus, she is “Overworked” creating objects that are “Overworking” the environment.