Saumya Aggarwal


Class of: 2025

Faculty: Baris Gokturk

Prompt: For this project, we were asked to create a still life by integrating object, space, light, and material characteristics, as well as the symbolical dynamics they produce in reaction to one another in various phases.

In today’s society, the pursuit of happiness and the desire for material wealth are on the same playing eld for a majority of people. Through this project , I tried to depict the harm that we bring to ourselves and the environment in our quest of happiness through material possessions.I chose to work with graphite because ,by working my way up on the layers and altering the pressure of the pencil, I can really experiment with contrast, shadows, dark and light, and gradually build up different tones.Thus, providing me with a sense of control.It was a challenge to create a still life that was more than just a collection of random things; it had to have purpose. It really got me thinking about how each object has its own narrative to tell and how the interplay of light and dark may affect the overall theme. Managing time to reach the deadline was certainly a challenge for me, and my patience was put to the test throughout the project.