Suhani Mukherjee

Memory Mandala

Class of: 2027

Medium: Digital, Pen and Ink

Faculty: Anney Bonney

Prompt: For this project, we had to create a 2-D self-portraiture through symbolic systems of representation (data visualization) and oppositions. The final result of the project is a set of 2 different abstracted self-portrait images, 2 views of a true Self, based on your own definition of that.

This piece aimed to act as a symbolic representation of myself, as an abstracted self-portrait of two views of my true self. The final composition of this artwork comprised two distinct mandalas—one crafted digitally and the other meticulously by hand. Deliberate distortions were introduced to both pieces through the precise manipulation of an X-Acto knife. To seamlessly unite the separate sections, a delicate interweaving of a 32-gauge wire was employed. This stitching not only connected specific elements but also suspended other fragments in mid-air, creating a captivating three-dimensional effect. The use of wire not only served a structural purpose but also added an additional layer of visual intrigue to the overall composition, blending the digital and handmade elements into a harmonious and visually combining the whole.