Vanessa Clement


Class of: 2021

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Michael Rader

Prompt: Take a "Zoom Portrait" of yourself to reveal something about you and your identity.

This video is about trauma I have experienced and how the reaction to such trauma creates a thin line between victim and perpetrator, binding you together regardless if one party does not want it so. By shifting perspectives, blame, and guilt, the inner monologue follows and crosses between these concepts in order to mimic the thoughts and emotions vulnerability and shame emit. The videos in the background consist of Elvis B-roll, home videos, homemade horror films, and New York pigeons. These images are representative of both victim, perpetrator, and general populace. The discussion of sexual assault, abuse, and consent is overdue. Through this piece, I try to relay the emotion and effects of being taken advantage of in order to fuel that conversation further, and to offer new types of questions that may not have answers but that I think are worth some thought.