Alumni Brand Spotlight: BABYGHOST

Post Date: November 19, 2018

AAS Fashion Design alum Qiaoran Huang is the cofounder of the brand BABYGHOST (@babyghost_nyc), founded in 2010 to bring together the energy and diversity of New York. Both her and her partner Joshua Hupper worked with Diane Von Furstenberg and met while working for Nathan Jenden before joining to launch their first collection.

The brand’s style is reminiscent of the Lower East Side and is true to the see-now-buy-now concept. Qiaoran explains their inspiration saying, “Things around us really affect us. So instead of just one inspiration, we looked at different things and just kept going.”

Their Fall 2018 collection was featured on Vogue Runway, the review mentioning that BABYGHOST effectively fuses streetwear with high-fashion concepts. The designers focused on richer fabric and prints for the Fall 2018 collection, weaning from the bold and demanding logos. “Babyghost is an OG member of the crafty underground streetwear movement.”